What To Expect At Your First Class

Anyone can practice yoga regardless of age or ability.  Postures can be modified to suit individuals so please fill in the Health Questionnaire accurately and discuss and issues and concerns in advance of the class.  Do seek advice from your Doctor if you have any concerns.  You don’t need to be young or flexible to attend my yoga class. I welcome both men and women to my sessions.

The classes are usually are 75mins and include breath work, postures, mindfulness and relaxation. Yoga is non competitive and a great opportunity to make friends with your own body!

Tips for your first session

  • Wear loose layered clothing. The body can heat up during the practice but it cools down during relaxation so a blanket or a jumper is an useful addition.
  • It’s best to practice yoga with a fairly empty stomach, a gap of 2 hours is ideal.  This may not be suitable for you, in which case eat something light like a fruit or yoghurt atleast 30 minutes before the start of class.
  • It’s best to practice yoga with bare feet.
  • Do bring a bottle of water if you tend to get thirsty.
  • I have a few mats to spare but it’s much better to invest in your own mat. Its more hygienic and it also means you have the means to practice at home!
  • Mobile phones to be switched off  or on silent during the session.
  • Do try and get to the class on time. For security reasons, I lock the main door to the building just before I start teaching. If you come late and find yourself locked out- ring me on my mobile. It’s on vibrate when I’m teaching.
  • My classes are interactive so do ask questions. I’ll do my best to answer you or will try and find out from someone who knows more than I do!

September 2021